Walmsley Windows: Brian Clark Mosson

Brian Clark Mosson was born in Glasgow, living in Anderson near the city centre. In his street was a library built in the style of the Mitchell Library with its glass domes and sandstone facades discoloured by smoke from the many coal fires. His street also had stables, a pub at the bottom, grocery stores at each end of the street, with the bonus of tramcars running at the top of the street in summer when twilight made the days long.

Mosson was able to take in the beauty of it all so would draw, sketch and paint from a young age. He left school at 15 to start an apprenticeship, moving to Australia in 1974. He is a seasoned world traveller, and his many visits to Europe had a lasting effect on his painting as the buildings are so colourful and he found the lay out of the villages and town centres to be breathtaking.

Mosson drove around Australia on his Harley sportster before combining his work as an electrician with his love of painting. Mosson had a stall in the Subiaco Market, sharing it with another artist. Conversations about art and painting interspersed their days together. He enjoyed the steady traffic of people, some of whom have inspired many of the subjects in his paintings.

Mosson hopes his artworks bring some sunshine to your life when you view them. He advises “put a bit of colour on your walls and you can drift off to those places when you have a close look.” Mosson has lived in Subiaco for 30 years and has been a visual artist for over 50 years.

Brian’s Walmsley Windows Piece

Positano, Italy

The original work costs $750, sized at 510mm x 760mm and a digital print with mount is available for $300.

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