Walmsley Windows: Mia Laing

Mia Laing is a professional artist who has been working in the Western Suburbs for the past 12 years. Throughout this time, she has been the proud recipient of numerous awards. Her passion for art began with her pursuit of a career in children’s illustration, a field that continues to interest her. Laing’s current artwork is focused on narrative illustration and is characterized by its humour, joyfulness, and sense of fun. She also creates traditional still life, figurative work, and landscape pieces.

Laing’s artwork is intended to spark conversation and bring joy to her collectors. In 2018, she began a series featuring wildlife and pets in their “Secret Life,” which parodies famous figures from different eras. Some of her creations include a leopard as James Bond, a cat as Audrey Hepburn, and a corgi as Queen Elizabeth. Laing has expanded this series over time and now adds to it through commissions of people’s pets. Her prints can be found on her website.

Laing has deep ties to Subiaco, having grown up in a neighbouring suburb. Many of her supporting businesses, such as Jacksons Art Supplies, Mirage Digital, and Eye Q (her optometrist), are located in Subiaco. The West Australian Society of Arts, of which Laing is a long-term member, also has its base in Subiaco. Laing has exhibited her work regularly at two cafes in Subiaco. “Having all these businesses close to home is incredibly convenient,” she says.

Mia’s Walmsley Windows Piece

Shall We Take Tea?, 2018

The painting titled “Shall We Take Tea?” was created in 2018 and is an oil on canvas artwork that measures 300 x 400mm. While the original painting has been sold, prints are available for purchase through the artist’s website or directly from the artist. The artwork is offered in various sizes and on different materials such as paper or stretched canvas. The prices for the prints start at $100 for a small paper print with a size of 200x250mm. Other print sizes include medium paper print (410x510mm) for $280, medium stretched canvas (410x510mm) for $430, large paper print (510x610mm) for $320, large stretched canvas (510x610mm) for $480, and x-large stretched canvas (610x760mm) for $760.

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