Accent Cafe

Accent Cafe was something that the owner, Liliana Aguirre, had wanted to integrate into its’ sister business, The MultiCultural Language Centre (conveniently located 2 doors down) for some time.

Liliana shared “I started Accent as an extension of the love that I have for sharing the experience of other cultures at The Multicultural Language Centre to a wider audience, expanding beyond languages through gastronomy influenced by the Spanish/Mexican, Italian and French Cuisine”.

This is why you’ll see students frequent the beautiful long table (all the way from France, and dates back to 1910!) which, funnily enough, used to have countless students sit at it as part of a school in the early 1900’s.

As an added bonus… a lot of the staff at the cafe speak either Spanish, Italian or French, so if you want to test your skills, make sure you connect with one of the friendly staff.

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