Be Free Organics

Be Free Organics is a cheerful cafe and store in Subiaco that offers a variety of certified organic, wholesome, healthy, and sustainable products. The cafe serves all-day brunch, coffee, smoothies, fresh cold-pressed juices, and ready-made grab-and-go meals carefully curated by the chef and baristas. The store boasts a range of gift items, sustainable products, organic skincare and body products, various pantry items, and zero-waste items.

Be Free Organics is a friendly meeting place where customers can relax and treat their bodies to all the good stuff it deserves. The cafe’s priority is to make meals with maximum nutrition while making them affordable, tasty, and convenient for customers. The cafe is committed to using only the best organic ingredients in all its meals, believing that organic is the best choice for optimal nutrition, health, and happiness.

In addition to their freshly made meals, Be Free Organics offers a new range of locally produced organic frozen meals ready to go from your freezer. These family favourites are filled with certified organic goodness, making it easier for customers to make healthier choices for themselves and the planet. Be Free Organics’ strong commitment to enhancing the environment through organic products and sustainable practices makes them an excellent choice for customers looking to improve their health and well-being while supporting the planet.

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