Bikemore Pty Ltd

Bikemore is more than just a retailer of electric bikes; they are Perth’s leading specialist in the field, offering a range of electric bicycles and accessories that is second to none. They understand that electric bikes are economical and environmentally friendly, and enjoyable, and they aim to sell customers on the idea of a lifestyle change that gets them back outdoors and feeling youthful.

Bikemore’s expert staff help customers find the perfect electric bike to suit their needs, whether for simple city transport or adventure. They have helped people of all kinds, from the disabled to the lazy, to get back outdoors and feel the joy of riding.

In addition to individual customers, Bikemore also works with companies and government agencies to get their workforce on e-bikes, offering full technical support. They also provide a range of e-bike accessories and services, maintenance, repairs, and full support.

To help customers find the right bike, Bikemore offers daily test rides on any of their e-bikes. They are also committed to e-bike safety; customers can inquire about their special pens.

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