Crossways Wool & Fabrics

Crossways Wool & Fabrics is a must-visit store for those who love knitting, sewing and creating. This physical store is a treasure trove of premium quality fabrics and yarns, perfect for those who enjoy crafting or want to create unique pieces of clothing. They have been providing high-quality fabrics and threads for over 40 years.

With a range of fabrics from around the world, customers can choose from a wide selection of natural fibres, such as wool, cotton, silk, and linen, as well as synthetic blends. Crossways Wool & Fabrics also stocks a variety of knitting and crochet yarns, embroidery threads, and haberdashery items, including zippers, buttons, and ribbons, so that you can find everything you need in one convenient location.

The store’s experienced and friendly staff are always on hand to help you find the perfect fabric or yarn for your project, providing you with advice and recommendations as required. They are passionate about their craft and love nothing more than sharing their knowledge with customers.

Crossways Wool & Fabrics is not just a store but a community hub, hosting regular events and workshops where customers can learn new techniques, get inspiration, and connect with other craft enthusiasts. These workshops and classes cater to all skill levels and are a great way to develop your skills or enjoy a fun and social crafting experience.

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