Earthwise Community Association

Earthwise is a unique and welcoming non-funded community centre in Subiaco, within the Uniting Church building at 315 Bagot Rd. The centre’s mission is to provide a space for the community to engage in various activities and events with a focus on the environment, sustainability, and social well-being.

The Earthwise community provides a safe and interactive space for people from all walks of life to connect and collaborate. It is a place for those needing more confidence or cash to feel valued and supported.

One of the main objectives of Earthwise is to promote sustainable living practices. Their community initiatives inspire people to embrace the principles of reducing consumption, reusing, and recycling. They encourage everyone to positively impact the environment by adopting sustainable practices in their everyday lives.

In addition to their commitment to sustainable living, Earthwise also operates a volunteer-run op-shop, where community members can donate and purchase pre-loved clothing and household items. The proceeds from the op-shop go towards supporting the centre’s ongoing programs and initiatives.

Earthwise also has a permaculture garden system, where they grow fresh, organic produce to be used in their community lunches and food centre. The centre hosts a community lunch every Thursday where people can come together to share a meal and socialize. This weekly gathering allows people to connect with others and build a sense of community.

Moreover, Earthwise regularly hosts music nights featuring local artists, providing a platform for emerging talent to showcase their skills and passion for music.

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