FS8 Subiaco

FS8 is a unique fitness studio that combines elements of Pilates, tone, and yoga to create a full-body group training experience. This all-in-one fitness program features Pilates reformers, mat work, dumbbells, and activation bands to help enhance muscular strength and endurance, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, and recovery. With over 30 workouts and 3000 exercises, FS8 offers a variety of exercises to keep things fresh and exciting.

FS8 is low on impact and high on sweat, helping to build strength, stability, and flexibility. The studio encourages community connection, no-ego attitudes, and a sense of community among members. With easy-to-follow video screen instructions and customizable difficulty levels, FS8 is suitable for everyone from beginners to advanced athletes.

FS8 focuses on prehabilitation, helping clients to stay injury, ache, and pain-free by taking care of their whole-body mechanics. The studio can be used as the only workout or can be used to increase athletic performance and injury resilience for other sports. FS8 is fitness with attitude and is perfect for anyone looking to challenge themselves and become their inner MVP.

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