Hangout on Hay

Perfectly located along the mean strip of Hay Street in Subiaco, we are a small family business with a goal of ensuring that you enjoy your dining experience! Let us tantalise your tastebuds with a varied array of dishes in our menu to cater to different diets and protein favourites. Complete the night with a drink of your choice.

Hangout on Hay is an open-style venue that offers customers a little piece of Morocco, with decor inspired by Turkey and Morocco and a great place to relax and enjoy breakfast, lunch, or dinner that will tantalize your taste buds.

Hangout on Hay offers something for everyone. Whether you are looking for a barista-made coffee and a quick bite to eat or a hearty meal paired with a cocktail or two, this restaurant has got you covered. Bookings are released daily at 7 am Perth Time, so customers can secure a table and look forward to a delicious meal.

The man behind Hangout on Hay is Gunkirat Sachdeva, also known as Kirat. Kirat is originally from North India and moved to Australia when he was 18. After years of working in the food industry, Kirat’s passion for hospitality led him to start his own business. Inspired by the previous tenant’s Turkish restaurant, Kirat created Hangout on Hay, incorporating hand-made decor and a Moroccan boho atmosphere to attract locals and make it the go-to spot in the area.

With his dedication to fresh and high-quality ingredients, Hangout on Hay is a popular destination for customers who appreciate good food and a welcoming atmosphere. As a small family business, Kirat sources most of his ingredients from other local stores and ensures fresh produce, vegetables, and bread. So, drop by and say hello or contact Hangout on Hay to book a table and enjoy a unique dining experience in Subiaco.

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