Innuendo by The Paramour

Innuendo by The Paramour is a luxury brand that aims to promote self-care, comfort, and healing through its products. Based in Perth, a city in Australia, Innuendo is an Australian-owned brand that works with local suppliers and artisans to craft its products. The brand was founded to create a positive impact and make one feel good about oneself.

The brand’s signature product is Endo Oil, inspired by warriors suffering from endometriosis. Innuendo by The Paramour acknowledges that it is not a cure for endometriosis but aims to provide tools to enhance comfort, minimise pain, and encourage self-love and care.

The brand also recognizes the importance of community in the healing process and aims to give back through its For the Warriors Campaign. This campaign partners with a new charity every month to support the communities that have supported the brand.

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