John Julius Art

John Julius Art Gallery: Creations by the artistic clinician and clinical artisan.

The Gallery was established in 2023 with the objective of celebrating the artistic abilities of health-care workers. The creations on display and for sale are by artists who have worked in health-care; for most, their primary occupation has been, and continues to be, caring for patients. Their art has been an interest, a joy, a release, a distraction… but the visitor to the Gallery is invited to be pleasantly surprised by the creative talent residing within those exhibiting.

Artwork on display currently includes paintings in acrylic, pastel and watercolour, floral arrangements and metal work. Accompanying art-works are short anecdotes on the artists, particularly in relation to their background in health-care. Whether a nurse, physiotherapist, receptionist, doctor, medical scientist… collectively we are privileged to come into a patient’s life. Perhaps this is an opportunity for others to come into the life of artistic clinicians, in some small way.

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