Marianne Annereau Handmade Ceramics

Marianne Annereau Ceramics is a ceramics design studio specialising in handmade pottery, ceramics, and porcelain. Marianne Annereau, the artist and ceramicist potter, uses various clay types, such as stoneware, porcelain, and highly textured clay bodies, to create her hand-built pieces, pottery throw creations, and slip cast designs. Marianne’s speciality is variegated glazes, which are translucent and reveal the qualities of the clay bodies. Her glaze and clay react together to produce unique effects, such as streaks, crystals, mottles, rivulets, and luminescence.

In her home studio, Marianne creates ceramic sculptures, homewares, wall art, and cremation urns, all adorned with precious metals such as gold and platinum, adding an extra element of luxury, opulence, and wonder. The studio features a range of ceramic bowls, ceramic platters, ceramic mugs, ceramic tea cups, ceramic plates, ceramic egg cups, ceramic jewellery boxes, ceramic tea lights, ceramic sculptures, and ceramic jellyfish air plants.

Visitors can shop Australian-made handcrafted pottery homewares and sculptures in the pottery shop and meet the ceramicist potter while viewing the ceramic store stock. Marianne’s passion for her art is evident in her portfolio, where every piece is made by her and fired on-site in her kiln, which heats all her creations to 1,280°. The studio is a great place to discover unique and whimsical ceramic designs that cross from sculpture to functional ware.

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