Tall Tree Early Learning

Tall Tree Early Learning Subiaco is located in the beautiful heritage-listed Stranraer building. It is designed to provide a unique and inspiring environment for children to explore, learn, and make new friends.

The building features high ceilings and timber floors, preserving its vintage charm while providing modern and functional spaces for early childhood education. The passionate and professional educators at Tall Tree Early Learning Subiaco have created innovative and child-centred environments, fostering a love of learning and creativity in children.

With free-flow areas between internal and external environments, children can explore and learn at their own pace. The outdoor areas are designed for active play and adventure, with forts and outdoor environments encouraging kids to immerse themselves in the magic of childhood.

The Atelier space is a place for creativity and self-expression, where children can communicate their sense of wonder through their artwork. Children can also enjoy fresh and nutritious meals made on-site in the dining room, where they can eat with peers of all ages.

Tall Tree Early Learning Subiaco incorporates the rich history of the Stranraer building into its curriculum, offering children opportunities to engage with experiences related to the history of Subiaco. This helps to foster an appreciation of their heritage and sparks an interest in learning, research, and history from a young age.

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