Zhamatix is a digital and process transformation consulting company. Their mission is to help start-ups and SMEs design streamlined processes and systemise them in market-leading technology platforms.

Think of them as process and system designers. They help companies and their employees cocreate smooth processes, design helpful workflows, and automate them in a work management system like Asana.

As an Asana certified partner, they provide the full service including software licensing,
onboarding, training, workflow setups, technical and integration builds, and ongoing support.

If you’re just looking for help with improving your business processes, no worries as they would love to help you too. Over a series of workshops, they map out your businesses processes in a highly visual way to understand how “work happens currently”, in what they call “current state”. Using this, they then map out your “future state” to show what your desired and streamlined process could look like.

Usually, this means using more of existing technology, going away from “paper”, getting rid of “spreadsheets”, reduce reliance on “emails”, and doing things in a centralised system. Thereafter, you can either take these high-resolution exported diagrams to make the improvements yourself, or they can help you evaluate and implement the right technology software for you and your team.

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