Walmsley Windows

17 Mar - 31 Dec 2023

Step into a world of imagination and creativity at Walmsley Windows

Welcome to Walmsley Windows, an exciting outdoor gallery project in Subiaco that showcases the work of talented local artists. The project features a series of six window-shaped artworks that mimic the existing windows on the Bar Amelie exterior wall, each displaying the diverse craftsmanship of their creator.

Each simulated window is carefully designed to resemble an actual window, but is in reality a beautiful simulacrum attached to the external wall of Bar Amelie. No two gallery windows are the same, and within each you’ll find a unique artwork that offers a glimpse into an imagined life inside the building.

Walk, See, and Admire

If you’re ready to take in some beautiful art and enjoy the great outdoors, simply follow the map below and make your way to Walmsley Lane.

Discover the Creative Minds Behind Walmsley Windows

Explore the artwork and approach of acclaimed artists Michelle Gilmore, Brian Clark Mosson, Annette Peterson, Kelly Canby, Mia Laing and  Peta Riley.

Michelle Gilmore

Venture into the varied and vibrant practice of Michelle Gilmore, a talented visual arts student whose work is inspired by the organic beauty of natural objects and the endless variety of human faces. 

Brian Clark Mosson

Experience the breathtaking beauty of colourful European villages and town centres through the work of seasoned world traveller and visual artist Brian Clark Mosson, who possesses a lifelong passion for painting.

Annette Peterson

Learn about Annette Peterson’s captivating journey from Norway to Whadjuk Boodja, and discover how her interests in movement, media perception, and suburban driving experiences are explored through her award-winning paintings and digital animations.

Kelly Canby

Discover the whimsical world of Kelly Canby, an award-winning and internationally published illustrator and author of over two dozen children’s books, whose captivating artwork is displayed in local stores and museums.

Mia Laing

Explore the work of Mia Laing, an award-winning professional artist with deep ties to Subiaco, whose delightful and humorous illustrations are intended to spark joy and conversation.

Peta Riley

Be inspired by the vibrancy of Peta Riley’s boundary-busting practice and discover how she has collaborated with regional artists and Aboriginal art centres to develop their work into textiles.

Own a Piece of Walmsley Lane

Discover a range of original works and archive quality digital prints that are available for purchase by contacting the artists. From oil paintings to digital prints, these talented artists offer a variety of styles and mediums for collectors and art enthusiasts to explore.

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