Inside Subiaco’s New Interior Design Destination

There’s a whirlwind sweeping through Churchill Avenue. And if you thought it was just a strong westerly blowing away tumbleweed, think again. Put it down to two words – Jane Fyfe.

She’s the interior design dynamo who is breathing fresh air into an old dentist surgery at the bottom end of Churchill Avenue. And the rather neglected old boy, dating back to 1920, is loving the attention – from new timber flooring to a beautifully-restored fireplace and a state-of-the art kitchen.

Who would have thought that a facelift could attract so much attention? Subiaco residents as it turns out.

Over the past four months, Jane has had a constant stream of curious passers by stopping for a chat as she got down and dirty, opening up doorways, lifting bricks, digging holes and painting walls to create 4Rooms, her unique space for other creatives to share.

And she welcomes them all using her philosophy that she wants this place to be a drop-in centre for the community – business and residential – to share ideas, choose products for the home from samples on site, and just relax. As well the plan is to support local artists with the old house’s long hallway being devoted to indigenous works.

The idea was to create a space to support and connect creatives that is not an office space,” says Jane who has, over 20 years in the industry, designed the interiors for thousands of new and renovated homes.

A lot of designers work from home and here they will be able to book a room or an area to have a casual chat, host events, choose samples and fabric swatches with clients or have a glass of wine or a coffee.

The stylish spaces available to hire, for the hour or the day, include a colour lab, boardroom, sitting room, bathroom, kitchen and a rear entertaining area filled with design ideas.

In the spirit of a co-op each designer will be able to display their business name on the front entry.

“Designers share a lot of the same goals,” says Jane. “It makes sense that we can work together even if we have different styles. It used to be much more lonely occupation and more competitive. It doesn’t need to be. We want people to come through the door and view this place as their sanctuary.”

In supporting the local community Jane is already mates with local retailers, buying crockery from Dallimores, shopping at Farmer Jacks and Simon Johnson and enjoying an after-work tipple at Dillly Dally.

She chose to move her business from Balcatta to Subiaco because many of her clients live within a 10km radius of the suburb, and she identifies Subi as a thriving place to live and work.

“I believe we will be drawing people in Subi from outlying areas – Floreat, Dalkeith and Claremont,” she says.

Ask her where her happy place is and she doesn’t hesitate: “helping people create a home that reflects who they are and how they live. By far my greatest achievements have been working with wonderful people and translating their vision into a space they love.”

Something tells us she should fit right into Subi.

4Rooms Design, 324 Churchill Ave, Subiaco 

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