Diamond Collective adds more sparkle to Rokeby Road

Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but the industry which turns rough stones into sparklers adorning female hands has traditionally been dominated by the boys.

Now, thanks to a joint venture by Parys McClean and Kate Bishop, who have worked together in the Perth industry for several years, there’s a fresh new sprinkling of feminine glitter and glamour for jewellery buyers at the bottom end of Rokeby Road.

Diamond Collective opened their store opposite the Subi Hotel in August and have since been inundated with clients seeking their services in designing bespoke pieces of jewellery in a non-intimidating environment with diamonds the pair source independently.

Here, customers are shown 3D videos featuring diamonds from all around the world, then choose which ones could be incorporated into a bespoke design crafted in Perth.

“It’s a much more educational approach,” says Kate. “The client gets taken through the grading system of diamonds and there is more control over the quality.”

And, if you are thinking of popping the question soon, Diamond Collective are happy to help.

“Engaged couples make up a big percentage of our customers,” says Parys.


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