Ethical and Mindful Clothing at Kristin Magrit’s Subiaco Boutique

Sustainable fashion label Kristin Magrit was founded in 2017 with the intention of giving thoughtful people the opportunity to wear their values literally on their sleeve, with clothes made sustainably, locally.

You’ll find Kristin’s store on Hood Street at the heart of a little creative enclave right here in Subiaco. The clothes hanging in this little space are beautifully crafted, high quality and in Kristin’s words, ‘in touch with nature’.  This means the New Zealand-born designer only uses plant-based fabrics, and every element is chosen for its ability to break down.

“We believe in slow fashion and are interested in how ethical clothes contribute to living a slow life,” she says. “We design with this philosophy in mind.”

Kristin’s garments are handcrafted in small batches, and the design process happens on a table towards the back of the store.

“We believe clothes are artworks to be enjoyed, either by making them yourself or mindfully choosing what you wear,” she says. “We create pieces that are fashionable but in an enduring and ethical way. It’s an alternative to ‘fast’ fashion without losing sight of a desire to create something appealing, honest and fashionable.”

Kristin also makes a point of supporting other women’s businesses, ensuring money goes into local pockets when she engages seamstresses and other skilled workers to produce her line of clothes.

Fans of Kristin’s clothes would also say they’re eminently wearable, with fabrics like organic hemp in colours which reflect the season and natural world, like the ‘very useful blouse’ which is probably her best seller.

“It’s made from Japanese stonewashed linen, washes in a washing machine and is made right here in Perth.”

There’s a gorgeous T-shirt too in a variety of colours, made from hemp and organic cotton, which is sure to become a ‘very useful T’ too.

Find Kristin Magrit at 10 Hood Street. Visit

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