Homeware Stores in Subi to Style up Your Home

Most of us can admit that we secretly geek out over homewares (we certainly do!). For us, browsing a homeware store is a legitimately exciting adventure. There is nothing quite like staring at the new unique décor, admiring the latest in bedding technology or getting your hands on some beautiful bespoke ceramics.

When it comes to homewares, Subi gets it. Whether we are talking furniture, glorious knick-knacks or kitchen utensils, here are some of Subiaco’s best homewares stores to satisfy that secret inner design geek.

Something for each room…

Dallimores Homewares

Located at 173 Rokeby Rd, Subiaco.

Dallimores has everything you could ever imagine when it comes to homewares. Think of anything in the home, and Dallimores will sell it to you in the most beautiful exterior. Carrying a variety of brands, the store has solutions to any kitchen-tool woes you may have. There is so much choice when it comes to their items. Browsing through the shelves will feel like quite the luxurious journey. The store has been Dallimore family-owned since 2002 and has become quite the destination when it comes to kitchen gadgets, dining and homewares in Subiaco.

Villa Kula

Located at 121 Hay St, Subiaco.

This design studio is truly a delight to the eyes. A stunning converted warehouse in cozy Subi, Villa Kula’s range of furniture and homewares is inspired. Because the studio is open-planned, you get the chance to really visualise how each piece could fit into your home. Or plan out the aesthetics of your dream home. As you walk through the studio, you will see a huge range of furniture and homewares to suit, each bedroom in the house, from office, to outdoor, to kitchen and dining and all the rest.


Located at 239 Hay St, Subiaco.

District is one of those stores that will stop one right in their tracks. Stocking the kind of furniture and homewares that have been crafted from the very fabric of luxury. District is a hive of incredible international brands with ranges that cannot be found elsewhere. District’s mission is to help others make beautiful worlds through its astute understanding of interior spaces – by creating its own district of designer possibilities.

Table Culture

Located at 126 Rokeby Rd, Subiaco.

Situated in the heart of Subiaco, Table Culture stocks some of the world’s most unique and famous brands. Their philosophy has a strong focus on quality and service, and each range in their store is selected with four factors in mind: the customer, style, quality, and function, bringing the best brands across tableware, glassware, wine/bar, kitchenware and giftware to our community. One can never go wrong when paying a visit to Table Culture, their range is so bespoke, our inner design geek will be screaming!


Located at 12 Hood St, Subiaco.

The rattan aesthetic is popular for a reason! At reLAAX, rattan-lovers can peruse through a variety of products made by the popular material. The store has a lovely range of furniture to make the nursery look splendid for your little one. It has something to entice any mum and her baby. But also, many pieces for the rest of the home, to make it feel like you’re on the Amalfi Coast!

Bed Bath N Table

Located at 165 Rokeby Rd, Subiaco.

Who doesn’t love a Bed Bath N’ Table? The store is always filled with luxurious quilt covers, cushions and all kinds of décor to make you feel like a pro at designing your home. Make your home feel nice and cozy from the store’s massive variety. From bed threads, to stylish furniture, to stunning crockeries, Bed Bath N’ Table have it all.

Rugs, rugs, rugs!

The Rug Establishment

Located at 307 Hay St, Subiaco.

A gorgeous rug can make a huge difference in any room. Or just the addition you need to spruce up a space and make it feel alive. Have you heard of the Rug Establishment? Because it is the ultimate wonderland full of luxury handcrafted rugs. You have the option of bespoke or custom-made at the store. The showroom feels like a great escape and awakens the inner-designer within you.

Oh Happy Home

Located at 12 Hood St, Subiaco.

Oh Happy Home sells rugs that are made with the family in mind. From washable, to pet-friendly rugs, the store has them all. And they’re pretty too! With a great design range, all products have been designed here in Australia. Each design is limited to a few pieces too, so you can have a piece that only a few other people own. These magical rugs have been made by small independent weaving groups throughout the country.

Bed threads and organisation station

Plane Tree Farm

Located at 275 Rokeby Rd, Subiaco.

Plane Tree Farm carries the most luxurious range of cashmere blankets and throws. The range extends to Egyptian cotton bath towels, Italian and Portuguese woven bath mats, and exclusively imported toiletries and fragrances. Want to make your home feel like a spa or a hotel? Then you should definitely check out Plane Tree Farm.

Howards Storage World

Located at 427 Hay St, Subiaco.

Have you been fascinated by Marie Kondo just as much as everyone else? A trip to Howards will likely have everything you need to KonMari your home in the best way. Howards Storage World specialises in space-saving and organisational products for the home and office. In a world where living space is at a premium, becoming more organised is a growing need for people who lead busy lives. Their product categories include kitchen, bathroom, laundry, bedroom, office, living room, garage, kids and cellar. Get organised and spark joy!

Sheridan Boutique

Located at 122-124 Rokeby Rd, Subiaco.

This boutique has impressive homewares and loungewear available. You can find the perfect pillow for a vital night’s sleep here. The comfiest loungewear to feel relaxed at home, from stylish bath robes to the perfect pjs. All the material feels super breathable against the skin. Basically, if you need a little self-care, go to Sheridan to get ideas.

Everything else you may need!

Japanese Flea Market

Located at 17-31 Rokeby Rd, Subiaco.

The Japanese Flea Market is so fun to visit. Get a whiff of the incense as you walk through the doors and discover all the treasures the store has to offer. From the colourful Penan Tribe Baskets, to the most beautiful Japanese ceramics, the store will likely have something for everyone. You have to visit to really find what you’re looking for!

Petticoat Lane

Located at 513 Hay St, Subiaco.

Named after one of London’s oldest street markets, this store in Subi does not disappoint! You can go through so many antiques and bric-a-brac to find the perfect piece for your home. This vintage store in Subi is well-loved for its second-hand finds.

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