Onyx & Smoke brings luxury Australian furnishings to Subi

Onyx & Smoke has joined the little artisan hub at Hood Street, and if you’re in the market for some curated Australian soft furnishing and homewares, you’ve come to the right place.

It’s a business that prides itself on manufacturing only the highest quality soft furnishings and collecting a selection of quality homewares from some of Australia’s premier designers and artisans.

“All of our soft furnishings are made in Perth by a team of upholstery seamstresses with over 30 years of experience,” says co-owner Tracey Pepper. “We use only the highest-quality upholstery grade fabrics, like Warwick, Zepel, Wortley, Sunbrella and Monka.

“We oversee every step of the process to ensure our soft furnishings are of the highest quality. You can be assured that a piece you purchase from Onyx and Smoke is a piece that will last the test of time.”

Tracey and co-owner Danielle Taylor pride themselves on offering custom design and upholstery services for their clients.

“From custom colours or fabrics on our luxury loungers, ottomans, beanbags, to custom bench seating or custom outdoor upholstery – we can make it happen,” says Danielle.

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