The Ultimate Guide to Brows With Subi’s Brow Queen

Good brows speak louder than words, so we know it’s crucial to get your brows looking just right. With so many eyebrow treatments on offer, it can be hard to know which treatment is just right for your brows.

We chatted to Brow Queen extraordinaire Racheal Keeley of Your Eyes Only in Subiaco to cut through the jargon and help you find the brow service to suit your lifestyle.

Racheal says good brows are all about making your life easier and getting out of the front door each morning with minimal fuss. We know from experience – you’ll be thanking the beauty gods for Your Eyes Only because Racheal and her team of pros will transform the way you approach your daily beauty routine forever.

How to choose the treatment for you?

Brow Tint and Shape

Overgrown, long or curly brows can be a challenge to tame. The tint and shape treatment is the perfect styling session to keep brows under control with low daily maintenance.

The tint creates the illusion of a perfectly defined brow by colouring your brow hairs individually, filling in the finer hairs and sparse areas. Get your arches in perfect shape and looking good for longer, with your tint and shape lasting up to five weeks.

Henna Brows

Enjoying a relaxing time in the studio – and wake up with your brows done to perfection! Henna is known for its incredible staying power, perfect for long lasting staying power. A light stain is left on your skin and brow hairs, filling in any sparse or patchy areas to give your brows a full look.

Don’t worry, brow henna is not like traditional body henna, it doesn’t turn orange! The treatment can last up to eight weeks, a bit longer than your usual wax and tint.

Microblading (AKA ‘Feather Touch Tattoo’)

If you’re looking for brows that stick around no matter what, then this is the treatment you’re destined for! This semi-permanent, low maintenance brow treatment is the answer to your prayers, giving you fuller, natural-looking brows and more time in the mornings. If you overplucked in the ’90s, get your hands on an appointment right now.

Racheal and the team at Your Eyes Only use a specialised pigment to create the look of natural hairs. Avoid the regular monthly maintenance appointments, enhance your existing brows and create facial symmetry. We couldn’t think of anything better!

About the Brown Queen

Racheal Keely is Perth’s best-kept brow secret. Just over two years ago, the former skin and beauty therapist fell in love with the power of the brow. She has made it her mission to bring her passion and creativity to the faces of Perth, redefining brows all over the city.

In 2016 Racheal opened her luxury concept studio in the heart of Subiaco, Your Eyes Only, and has firmly made her mark with a dedicated clientele flocking to her for her incredible results. Your Eyes Only also offers specialist skin treatments that promise relaxation and results (book me in for ten appointments please!). The Omnilux LED Facial a standout for glowing, radiant skin and we can’t wait to try it.

As if Rachael isn’t busy (or talented) enough, she’s also recently launched the Racheal Keeley Brow Academy. Budding brow enthusiasts can take part in masterclasses to learn the tricks of the trade. Is there anything this woman can’t do?

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