Bag a Bagel O – or two

Bagels, sandwiches and good vibes!

There’s good news for bagel bandits in Subiaco. The days of driving to Mount Lawley to get your fill of cream cheese, smoked salmon and dill sandwiched between two crackly, delicious slices of blistery bagel have their end in sight.

Bagel O’s Delicatessen is coming to town. And, without letting many details slip through, the brains behind the move to the Rokeby Road outlet have confirmed it’s coming to the old Brunch Makers site at 115 Rokeby.

They might be calling our interest premature but passers-by have already been commenting, with great anticipation, on the cute signage on the window featuring a chubby, round blistering bagel with a big smile on his face. That will soon be transferred to eager customers of not only bagels but glazed doughnuts, peanut butter cookies and BLTs.

More details coming soon…


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