Layers Bakery Sweep the Perth Royal Food Awards

It’s no secret that stepping into Subiaco’s Layers Bakery is an instant trip to the warm boulangeries-pâtisseries that line the streets of France.

The aroma of freshly baked bread wafts through the air, swirling with the scent of buttery croissants and sweet pastries – all lovingly crafted on site using traditional artisan methods.

This small, family-owned bakery has been a fierce favourite of locals and visitors alike since opening their doors in November 2020, and it hasn’t taken long for the critics to take notice.

Adding to their accolades, Layers have recently taken out a sweep of medals in this year’s Perth Royal Food Awards.

The crowning jewel is their Traditional French Baguette, which took home a Gold Medal and was praised for its appearance, crust, aroma and authentic taste.

They also scored Bronze Medals for their Traditional White Sourdough, Wholemeal Sourdough and their fan-favourite Croissant, made with 72-hour dough.

Which of these award-winners will you try first?

Click here to learn more about the Perth Royal Food Awards.

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