Legendary Perth bakery Miller and Baker Score Runs at Home Base

There’s now even more reason for Subi women to send out a search party when their partners duck out to Bunnings to look at hedge trimmers.

Thanks to Miller and Baker setting up a sister site to their Lake Street bakery which mills its own flour, there will be more than then nearby sausage sizzle to make shoppers linger longer. Some very welcome PR followed in February after superstar musician Stormzy dropped in for some pies before his Laneway set.

In December, Miller and Baker’s owners, Rachel and Mark Taylor, took up their Home Base spot, and the hungry hordes came. They were lured in by the smell of freshly-made baguettes, sourdough and Scandinavian rye bread, cardamom buns, sausage rolls and croissants.

According to Taylor, a former oil and gas data manager, the interest from shoppers at nearby Growers Lane, Pet Barn and Bunning’s has been overwhelming for what could be seen as an unassuming site.

“People stop in for a Daylight Coffee and a sandwich while they’re getting their car washed,” she says.

“Every Saturday, we offer freshly-baked loaves from the Lake Street ovens, saving you from the weekend rush at our main store.”


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