The Community Coffee Team Bring Big Greek Energy to Subi with Yiamas

Subi lovers of goat on a spit had better start licking their lips, raising a glass and getting ready to toast Yiamas. What’s Yiamas? That’s the Greek word for toasting to good health. And when the handiwork of the Community Coffee guys – Michael Roach, Phillip Arnold and Laurence Greenfield – is done, there will be plenty of toasting to that trio as they bring the Big Greek Saturday night to Subi EVERY night.

They are now proud key holders to the old Georges Meze after Eva and Nick Kanakis called time on 21 years running their popular Greek taverna. Many who whiled away an afternoon pretending they were on Mykonos will be sad to see them go.

But who better to take the reins than the dudes who ran the Swanbourne pop-up, Swanny Collective, where their Big Greek Saturday nights were a weekly institution?

Phillip Arnold has Greek heritage and is thrilled to be sharing some of his favourite dishes, like lamb souvlaki, charred prawns, whole fish, lemon potatoes and saganaki (fried cheese).

Esteemed chef Justin Scarvaci, who is currently strutting his stuff at Vinotto, the Swanbourne venue, which is also in the Community Coffee boys’ stable, will man the kitchen.

Venue manager Caitlin Johnston (Humble Onion) oversees a Greek-centric wine list.

The tight-knit team will throw themselves into a radical refurbishment which includes opening up the kitchen, putting louvres in the alfresco area and installing a fire pit in the kitchen.

That’s where the goat on a spit comes in.

Roll on March, anticipated opening time, so we can all yiamas to Yiamas!

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