WA Legends Open Asian Fusion Eatery – With a Twist

Do you feel as if there’s been something in the Subiaco air recently? That things are spicing up a bit?

Whilst there have been many things happening, today we’d like to talk about the food and bar scene in Subi. Specifically about the new restaurant that opened last month, and no one can stop talking about it!

Shui opened its doors on 12 Rokeby Road by powerhouse duo Leigh Power and Benny Tua. The cuisine in Shui specialises in modern Asian fusion with a twist.

Let’s start with the name – Shui. It comes from the Chinese practice ‘feng shui’. It means arranging things to bring out the best energies to create harmony and balance.

It’s a nod to how Power thinks of his cooking style. He likes to create a balance in each of his dishes through a mixture of spicy, sour, sweet and salty notes.

Speaking of, does the name Leigh Power sound familiar at all? It should, because he was crowned Western Australia’s best chef of 2022!

Power has also headed iconic food emporiums such as The Beaufort, Ginger Boy, The Old Synagogue and Sweetwater Rooftop Bar in the past.

His partner Tua has also been involved with his fair share of prominent restaurants in Perth. Such as Mechanic’s Institute, Sweetwater Rooftop Bar, The Old Synagogue and El Grotto.

Have we convinced you that the restaurant is bound to be a hit, or do you need more convincing? How about we tell you a little bit about the scrumptious types of food you have the choice to bite into…

From hot hoi sin duck air doughnuts, to prawn crumpets, to beef tartare with fried shallot ice cream, to fried okra, the list is pretty vast and quite mouthwatering! And it doesn’t just end there because they have a spectacular bespoke cocktail list too and always something special for those with a sweet tooth.

Wait! We still haven’t told you about the modern Asian eatery’s interior decor yet! Think gold magic. With a mixture of comforting leafy plants to feel balanced against the decadent gold. Because as soon as you walk through the venue’s doors, that is what will come to mind – pure gold magic. Everywhere you look, your eyes will feast on beautiful gold decor and the attention to detail will make you appreciate the owners for putting in that extra work to create such a magical experience for its patrons.

At the opening last month, Tua apparently gave a passionate speech about the importance of local businesses and the hospitality sector. He said he hoped to invest in more future unique venues. He has ambitious plans to involve creatives in the making and monetary parts of these future venues. Hopefully, this would be a way to combat the trends of chefs and restaurateurs burning out and leaving the profession as they were not party to the success of individual restaurants.

Shui is situated where the restaurant (and a Perth institution!) Funtastico used to be. And it’s open to serve you. Bon appetit!

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