Which Subiaco Eatery is Marco Pierre White’s Favourite Restaurant in Australia?

Marco Pierre White is the original rockstar celebrity chef. The youngest ever person to achieve the hallowed three Michelin star status, he’s since established himself as a globally recognised food personality thanks to numerous TV appearances in the UK, US and Australia (such as Masterchef).

He’s also a famously straight shooter who’s not afraid of voicing his honest opinion, so when he recently named Subiaco venue Lulu La Delizia as his favourite restaurant in the entire country, you know that he meant it.

But what’s so special about a small restaurant that specialises in pasta? I mean, how good can plain old pasta be anyway? Well, it turns out that what this place turns out does so much more than “just pasta”.

Owned and run by chef Joe Valvasori-Pereza (who previously headed the kitchen at local institution Lalla Rhook), Lulu La Delizia is an ode to his Italian grandmother, Luigia (a.k.a Lulu), who introduced him to the flavours, ingredients and recipes of the country’s north.

This means that what you get at the restaurant isn’t just food put on a plate – it’s Joe’s passion, culture, heritage and history being expressed through some of the most unique and delicious Italian food available anywhere in the country.

Having handed back his Michelin stars just five years after earning them and recently declining an invitation for his latest Singapore-based restaurant venture, The English House, to be featured in the Michelin Guide, it’s clear that Pierre White doesn’t put much stock in the ostentation and extravagance favoured by the prestigious French organisation.

Taking this into account, it makes sense that the simplicity, honesty and warmth of Lulu La Delizia was able to win the badboy chef’s heart.

Everything they do – the food, service and atmosphere included – radiates an understated confidence that what they’re doing is truly special in its own unique way. They don’t need fancy French critics to tell people how good they are. What’s on the end of your fork does all the talking for them.

With fans like Pierre White in their corner, it’s entirely understandable that Lulu La Delizia has become one of the most highly-rated restaurants in the entire country.

As such, if you’re planning on heading in there to experience it for yourself then we recommend booking well in advance to avoid the disappointment of being denied some life-changing Italian food.

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