Fuel up! Breakfast in Subiaco after Supercar Sunday

Making your way to Supercar Sunday on 7 April? Shift gears and refuel with a delightful breakfast in Subiaco. We’ve got an amazing collection of cafes and eateries to suit every palate. Join us as we explore some of the top spots to indulge in a post-race breakfast extravaganza.

1982 Food & Coffee

Start your morning off right at 1982 Food & Coffee, where passion for quality ingredients meets creativity in every dish. This cosy café offers a diverse menu featuring classics with a modern twist, from Buttermilk Hotcakes served with pistachio fairy floss to Kimchi Fried Rice with pork katsu or a Cheesy Omelette and Black Sesame. Sip on a perfectly brewed cup of coffee as you unwind and savour the flavours of Subiaco.

Architects and Heroes

For a breakfast experience that’s as visually appealing as it is delicious, look no further than Architects and Heroes. This stylish café combines sleek design with innovative cuisine, showcasing a menu brimming with artisanal delights. Indulge in their signature smashed avocado on toast or treat yourself to a decadent breakfast burger – the perfect fuel for a day of adrenaline-fueled excitement.

La Condesa Subiaco

Transport yourself to the streets of Mexico City at La Condesa Subiaco, where bold flavours and vibrant colours take centre stage. New to the brunch scene, this lively eatery serves up authentic Mexican breakfast fare, from huevos rancheros to chilaquiles verdes. Pair your meal with a refreshing agua fresca, a spicy margarita, or make it bottomless for a truly unforgettable brunch experience.


Elevate your breakfast game at Mimosa, a chic café known for its elegant ambiance and impeccable service. From fluffy French toast to indulgent eggs Benedict, their menu is a celebration of sophistication and flavour. Treat yourself to a glass of bubbly or a freshly squeezed juice as you bask in the refined atmosphere of Subiaco’s culinary gem.

Cafe Cafe

With its charming courtyard and laid-back vibe, Cafe Cafe is the perfect spot to unwind after a thrilling day at Supercar Sunday. Their menu features an array of breakfast options, from hearty omelettes to mouthwatering pastries. Whether you’re craving something sweet or savoury, you’re sure to find a dish that satisfies your cravings at this beloved local haunt.

Bar Amelie

Round out your breakfast adventure with a visit to Bar Amelie, where European charm meets Australian cuisine. Situated in the heart of Subiaco, this cosy bar offers a breakfast menu inspired by the flavours of the Mediterranean. Indulge in a flaky croissant with artisanal preserves or opt for a savoury tartine topped with local cheeses and cured meats – the perfect way to start your day on a delicious note.


Supercar Sunday is heading to Subiaco on 7 April. It will see over 100 super cars on display at Market Square Park from 9:30am. Then from 10:30am the cars will cruise in convoy through Rokeby Road towards Perth Hills for its final destination.

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