Cherubino Launches a New Late Night Menu

Fancy a late night bite in Subiaco? (Honestly, who wouldn’t?)

You’re in luck! Cherubino City Cellar is now offering a new late night menu – Spuntini Mezzanotte!

With the main kitchen closing at 9pm on Fridays and Saturdays, you can now satisfy those after-dinner cravings through a special selection of treats, including artisanal cheeses and decadent desserts.

Passionate head Chef, Aarin Fraser, is the brain behind Cherubino’s menu – and he has certainly spared no expense in ensuring this elegantly curated sister menu lives up to the exquisite standard of dining the City Cellar is renowned for.

His culinary philosophy is centered around locally sourced, seasonal ingredients, and he strives to provide customers with dishes that are not only delicious, but also cannot be recreated at home. With a constant desire to learn and create, Aarin’s menu is constantly evolving, finding new ways to excite every diner who steps through their doors.

Slip down Xanthis Lane (off Rokeby Road) into their intimate venue and indulge in the perfect pairing of good food and food wine – no matter the time of night.


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