Doing the Postal Walk

Never has a gum tree been more grateful.

The thoughtful upgrade of the popular Postal Walk included new decking to protect and support the root system of the existing flooded gum tree.

Pop by and give the tree a hug and you will no longer be in danger of tripping over the roots as some Subi residents have done in the past.

The upgrade also includes additional seating, new arches at its eastern end and a gate by artist Robert Frith to tap into the site’s history as a former Postmaster-General’s Office.

And there’s good news for the former Subiaco Primary School students who, as part of the Subiaco Centenary, designed – with three other schools – 100 tiles with which artists Jenny Dawson and Sandra Hill created a mosaic.

Jenny has now converted those tiles into five aluminium panels which are set into the new deck and paving.

Nobody was more delighted than former student Nick Teraci, who still frequents the area when popping in for a Saturday coffee at Citizens of Brew-Ha and admires his handiwork featuring Subi wildlife.

“I was only eight years old when I painted that tile,” he says. “I wasn’t very good at drawing but it’s pretty cool to see it still here now.”

Drop by and stop for a coffee at Citizens of Brew-Ha and say hello to the towering gum.

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