Sniff and Scratch: Take your Furry Friend out in Subi

There are some fantastic parks to take your dog to in and around Subiaco – and dog-friendly cafes. Brooke Evans-Butler and her dog Poppy checked out some of the options.

Lake Jualbup

 Poppy’s choice

Between Herbert Road, Evans and Excelsior Streets and Lake Avenue, Shenton Park

This is a beautiful, large park with areas for the whole family. There is plenty of shelter, playground equipment for the kids and a level, sturdy pathway all around the lake, which is perfect for walking your dog around (on-lead). There were lots of ducks to watch (which is Poppy’s favourite past time).

Pros: Lots of shelter, good for families, lots of ducks which Poppy loved.

Rankin Road Reserve

– for the young Yorkies

Corner of Rankin and Rokeby Roads, Subiaco

This is a small park that is fenced off, secure and has a fenced off playground area for the kids. The park is a lovely shady area, with lots of trees to sniff. It would be a perfect area to work on your dog’s recall if you are training your pup. There’s some dog agility equipment too.

Pros: A great spot to gradually introduce your pup to being off-lead.

Subiaco Common

– for the social Schnauzers

Between Mere View Way, Juniper Ball Way and Tighe St, Subiaco

This is a lovely spot to walk around the picturesque lake which sometimes attracts black swans. There’s also lots of shade and shelter, and a dog water station. There is an off-leash dog exercise area but it is not fenced with a nearby kids’ playground, so is most suitable for trained, social dogs with good recall. There were a few dogs enjoying this area. Poppy was not trained well enough to test out the off-lead area, but loved sniffing around the lake.

Pros: A really lovely spot if you’ve got a well-behaved pooch. There’s also a regular collection of dog owners who gather each evening for a chin wag.

Cliff Sadlier Reserve

– for the good Groodles

Between Cunningham, Northmore, Woolnough and Roberts Streets, Daglish

This is a fantastic area if you have an energetic dog – or one that likes some agility training. It’s a large park area and has a dog agility section. There were lots of dogs when we checked it out. It isn’t completely fenced, so you need to have your dog on a leash or have good recall.

Pros: One for dogs who like to test their agility skills.

Mueller Park

– for the sniffy Shepherds

Roberts Road, Subiaco

This is a lovely, big park with some of the most beautiful trees in Subiaco as your backdrop. The Mueller Park Play Space area is perfect for the kids (please note that dogs aren’t allowed in the play space area), but there is plenty of space to walk your dog in the rest of the park, with lots of trees around for a leisurely yet sniffy walk with your dog.

Pros: A good spot to bring the kids who can play safely while Fido has a sniff around the trees outside the play space.


Other spots to sniff out

While you are in the area, check out:

Montario Quarter Dog Exercise Area – two brand new enclosed doggy parks next to each other.

Subiaco Oval – take the opportunity to walk your dog and explore the new Six Seasons Bidi Trail.


Dog-friendly Cafes

The Wholefood Circus Nicholson Road

Citizens of Brew-Ha – Rokeby Road

Bar Amelie – Rokeby Road

Bark – Hay Street

LumsRokeby Road (grab a spot on the deck)

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